About the Heat

If it was any better, it'd be illegal.

Drawing on experiences from his own father and his love of spicy food, Bill Coleman developed his own seasoning that would eventually become Bill’s Homegrown Heat.

To lead a more healthy lifestyle, the doctor advised Bill to cut back on salt in his diet. Wanting to add flavor rather than lose it, Bill began adding hot peppers from his backyard garden to daily meals.

A well-timed conversation with a friend led to experimentation of dehydrating different types of peppers. He spent several months testing a variety of combinations to create the perfect fusion of heat and flavor.

The jalapeño, habanero and serrano peppers used in his final blend are no longer grown in his backyard. However, fresh peppers are still sliced, dehydrated, ground and blended in Bill’s production facility in Wichita, Kansas. Bill’s Homegrown Heat is a great salt substitute that adds ultimate spiciness to everyday meals.

It’s Hot, Baby!